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Though the stump Casey Campbell perches atop to sing may be new to him, the roots it springs from are as familiar as dirt between the toes. Singing and song have been a blanket across his entirety, from old country churches to amphitheaters, across forgotten hollers of Alabama to the ancient meander of the Ohio Valley.  For several years he has been a musical vagabond and hired gun, just recently settling in with his Americana outfit Buffalo Wabs and the Price Hill Hustle.  Venturing solo for the first time, Campbell takes years of stage experience and entertainment credentials to craft a thoughtful and reflective approach to music and songwriting.

Based in Cincinnati, OH
Available Solo or
2-5pc Ensemble
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Born and raised across Alabama, Casey Campbell moved north soon after college to pursue stage work and opportunity.  For the last several years his attention has been turned primarily to music endeavours; he can be seen in various forms across the Cincinnati metro area regularly.  The new focus on solo music is leading to a widening sphere of travel and performance.
Dan Williams
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